Evening supplementary school for Muslim children
Evening supplementary school for Muslim children


The formal starting point of Islamic Learning for a child will be the Madrasah. Thus the importance and significance of this institution and those who teach in them must never be under estimated.

It is definitely a “new experience” and even a “challenge” for parents whose child is starting Madrasah for the very first time. Your child will learn various things in Madrasah, however, as parents and as a community, if we want our children to be pious, respectful, obedient and true Muslims then we have to also ensure that our lifestyle at home is compatible with the values, morals and principles of Islam.

Thus, simply sending a child to Madrasah does not discharge our duty as parents/guardians. It is essential we all see the “bigger picture” and we try our best to work towards this. May Allah give us the ability to carry this out as best as possible, Ameen.

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